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There is a lot of art in Kadriorg. In 2020, Kadriorg received a new remarkable artwork – Kadrioru Plaza. It is the largest and most comfortable residential and business complex in Kadriorg, completed by the renowned Estonian architectural firm Künnapu & Padrik Architects. “Our desire was to create a comfortable environment that offers the opportunity to live, work and spend free time meaningfully.”
Kadrioru Plaza is a complex where an unified whole and synergy are created by smartly combining work and living opportunities.

The great location of Kadrioru Plaza deserves special mention. We are located next to one of the busiest traffic junctions and in the immediate vicinity of important service companies and government agencies. Connections to the city center and the airport, as well as Kadriorg with its parks, cafés and museums add value.

Speaking of the architecture of Kadriorg Plaza, keywords such as the rediscovered old, modern interpretation of Art Nouveau architecture and streamlined Art Deco style, central atrium and sun domes on the roof, symbolic buildings as important hubs of the city, environment, functionality, positive mood both inside and outside could be mentioned. The building as a work of art is a complete solution of colors, geometry and shapes.

„Application of a symbiosis of functionality and symbols has been inherent in our creation for decades. If the vertical landmark of Tartu is the Tigutorn designed by us, then Kadrioru Plaza is a horizontal landmark, which is located at the meeting point of different locations – Kadriorg, City Center, Lasnamäe and Sikupilli. ”
“All this ensures positive energy and vitality for the building.”

Kadrioru Plaza combines functionality with elegant style. The large windows of the commercial premises give space and light to the rooms and a great opportunity to present products. The main entrance to the building is on Gonsiori Street. After entering the building, a guest lobby and a spacious four-storey atrium greet you.

The location of Kadrioru Plaza is very convenient for both tenants and their customers. The plaza has space for 131 cars, and in addition, there is a convenient “Park and Travel” car park in the immediate vicinity of Torupilli Selver. The enchanting Kadriorg Park is across the road from Plaza.

RE Kinnisvara
If you are interested in Kadrioru Plaza, do not hesitate to contact us:
Henno Viires Commercial premises licensed consultant 506 4441; 66 88 666
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